If you can’t find the answer you need below, you can contact me via email (adam@nichecomplete.com) or via Twitter (@NicheAdam).

Do you choose a niche for me?

I’m happy to advise on what niche you should choose and can help you narrow down your niche as needed. However, I do ask that you come prepared with at least some idea of the niche you would like to target.

Who creates the name and brand?

If you already have a name for your website, and perhaps even a logo and color scheme, then I will work within your brand guidelines. If not, I’ll discuss options and create a professional brand for you.

Who buys the domain name?

The Niche Complete service includes one standard price (i.e. non-premium) domain name. However, if you already have a domain ready to go – or would like to purchase the domain yourself – then that’s absolutely fine too.

Is hosting included?

Most customers choose to host their websites themselves. However, if you prefer, I will host your website free of charge for up to 12 months following delivery of the completed 20,000-word project. After this time, the website will need to be transferred to your own hosting or additional fees will apply.

Can you build my website on something other than WordPress?

Sorry, but no. My expertise is in WordPress so I’m not currently offering websites on any other platforms.

Can my website have an e-commerce store?

E-commerce functionality is not included. I build content websites only. You are, of course, free to add WooCommerce to your website yourself when ready.

Will my website be monetized?

I will provide your website without monetization but it will be ready for you to add affiliate links, ads, and other monetization whenever you wish.

Can you include product reviews?

I’m happy to do basic research around products in your niche and include product information where appropriate, but testing products is not included and I won’t write reviews for products I haven’t tested.

Who owns the website content?

You do. Ownership of the domain name, branding, and written website content will be transferred to you upon completion of the project and once full payment is received.

How long until my website is ready?

To make sure we’re both on the same page, we’ll agree on a delivery timeframe when confirming your order. As a general guide, you can expect your completed website within 60-75 days.

Please note that I will need to check in with you at various points in the process. The time it takes you to reply to messages/emails will therefore be a factor in how quickly your completed website is delivered.

Can you write more/less than 20,000 words?

I recommend starting out with a 20,000-word website. However, I am happy to discuss alternative word counts if you would like to order more or less than this.

Additional articles are available to order here.

Do you guarantee results?

Though I’m very confident in the quality of my work, there’s simply too much uncertainty in how different websites perform across niches to be able to guarantee results in terms of traffic or revenue.

I do however guarantee that I will deliver a fast, secure, user-friendly website with excellent on-page SEO and unique high-quality content. This will hopefully put you in a good position to start ranking quickly and/or sell the website for a profit in the near future.

Do you build backlinks for me?

No. The only SEO I provide is on-page SEO, including optimizing content, internal links, headings, alt tags, etc. I do not build any links for you.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept payment via bank transfer, credit/debit card, or PayPal.

When do I pay?

You can either pay for your website up-front (I’ll throw in 2,000 words of free bonus content if you do this, just to say thank you!) or in two 50% installments.

If you choose to split your payment in two, the first payment will be due at the start of the project and the second payment will be due once the content plan is completed.

How do I order?

Whichever payment plan you choose, you can either go ahead and order online now or contact me to discuss your website before placing your order.

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